Our Anaesthetic Billing Service Will Save You Time and Money

Anaesthetic Billing can be extremely time-consuming with some Anaesthetists spending over 1 hour each night after work. Our Anaesthetic Billing Company takes care of all your administration requirements, and with our prompt payment system, your cash revenue can increase by up to 20%. 

How We Help Anaesthetists

Saving Anaesthetist Time

We reduce your paperwork requirements to less than 5 minutes a day by completing all the administrative requirements of running an Anaesthetic private practice.

Increasing Anaesthetists Payments

We are experts in Medicare item numbers and Anaesthetic invoicing. We ensure that Anaesthetists get paid for all procedures performed. In some instances, Anaesthetists revenue can be increased by up to 20%.

Anaesthetists Paid Directly and Fast

Our Anaesthetists are paid directly via Health funds, Medicare and patients within 3 - 7 days.  


Discover How We Provide A Superior Anaesthetic Billing Service to You

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FAQ- Are We a Good Fit for Your Anaesthetic Private Practice?

What are the benefits do you provide to me as an Anaesthetist?

We aim to make any time outside the Operating Theatre your time for yourself. By handling all the administration side of your Anaesthetic Private Practice we are able to reduce your Anaesthetic administration work to less than 5 minutes a day! In addition, because we are very experienced in Anaesthetic Billing, we are able to confirm anaesthetic item numbers that Anaesthetists use is correct. In some situations, we have been able to increase Anaesthetic Revenue by up to 20% for Anaesthetists.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Anaesthetic Billing Questions? 

You are allocated your own personal Anaesthetic Billing Account Manager. You will have the ability to contact your Account Manager regarding any Anaesthetic Billing questions. If the question requires more specialist advice, one of our Specialist Anaesthetists can assist you in your question.

Is it Difficult to set up Anaesthetic Billing with Health Fund Providers?

It's actually quite simple. In fact, our team will set you up very quickly by doing the paperwork on your behalf, giving you more time for yourself! 

Do you provide Informed Financial Consents for my patients?

Yes, all patients that have an out of pocket expense will be sent a written informed financial consent. We contact your Surgeons rooms proactively to obtain all the patients you will be providing an anaesthetic for and send out an informed financial consent. We ensure that your patients have read the informed financial consent and signed the paperwork prior to their procedure.

How do I get my payments from the Anaesthetic Billing processed?

All the payments are paid directly to your account, and usually within 3- 7 days.  Patients are able to pay via Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer or Bpay.

What is the Cost Associated with Anaesthetic Billing?

Unlike other companies, there are no costs associated with setting you up for Anaesthetic billing with us! Our monthly costs start at as little as 2.99%. More details on our Anaesthetic Billing pricing can be found here. 

How do I know what patients and procedures will be on my Anaesthetic Private lists in the future?

Our Team will input all details of your patient's procedure and demographics into a secure Anaesthetic Cloud-based Software so that you can access this information at any stage from the internet. 

Do you follow up all outstanding invoices?

Absolutely. All outstanding anaesthetic billing invoices are followed up frequently by our staff and you are regularly given updates regarding payments. Although very uncommon, we do utilise our debt collection company to chase some outstanding invoices.

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Dr Deas Brouwer - FANZCA

"I have been using Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services for 5 years and have always found their work and care of the highest standard. In the office, Crystal is the central point of contact and understands the billing processes in detail. More than that she is very personable, very capable and happy to troubleshoot problems when I telephone in. The rest of the time she has the system working seamlessly online. I charge most of my patients gaps which creates a lot of pre-op IFC chasing for Crystal but she gets it all done without fuss, even when the surgeons are booking patients at very short notice.

 I highly recommend the efficient and friendly service Crystal provides with Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services"

Dr Diwakara Madina - FANZCA

"Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services has been doing my anaesthetic billing for the last 2 years. Crystal is very organised and efficient and gets it done without any stress or hassle to me.

She is up to date with technology and is always available and goes out of the way often doing more than necessary to make patients comfortable"

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