The Success of Your Anaesthetic Practice is our business

We provide a professional Anaesthetic Billing Service so you can enjoy your time outside the operating theatre.


10 Years of experience

More Time for Yourself

We contact Health Funds, Medicare and your patients daily on your behalf

Improved Cash Flow

We utilise advanced electronic billing so you get paid within 3 - 7 days

All Payments Paid Directly to You

All payments made by Health funds, Medicare and patients are paid directly into your bank account.

Streamline your Anaesthetic Practice with these 6 key features we can offer you

Cloud-Based Anaesthetic Billing Software

Access all your patient and health fund payment status online anywhere in the world.

Your Own Practice Diary Provided

We send you  each week a populated diary of all your surgical lists and the patients on the list. Alternatively you can access them via the website at anytime.

Fast Payment System

Our electronic billing system ensures that your payments enter your bank account within 3-7 days.

Your Personal Account Manager

You have your own personal expert account manager who will ensure your Anaesthetic Practice is a success.

Anaesthetic Billing Tax Reports provided

Monthly Banking Reports and quarterly BAS Tax reports are created and provided to you.

Reduced cost and improved Revenue

Our pricing system ensures your Practice costs are minimised while improving your revenue. $0 Setup costs.

What People Say

David M

"Easy to access my payment details - either via smartphone or laptop anywhere including operating theatre"

Mark T

"Really helpful team who set my Practice billing up- easy to work with and always there for me"

o̶l̶d̶ ̶p̶r̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶5%

Pay As Little As 2.99% For Our Service

We know you will appreciate our professional team and service. If you are not happy with our service, we will not charge you- no questions asked.

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Why we were established

Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services was designed by leading professional Anaesthetists to provide the Best Anaesthesia Billing in Australia. Each step designed in our business has been created to make Anaesthetists life less stressful and be ahead of the game. We know how busy life for you can be. Let our dependable Anaesthetic Billing Services complement your business at a reduced price, including no setup fees or monthly fees.

Our Mission

We help Anaesthetists increase revenue by managing their billing, collections and management processes with precision and excellence. The success of your practice is our business.

Our Anaesthetic Billing company services all states of Australia

Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Service provides a complete Anaesthetic billing service for all Anaesthetists. We look after Anaesthetic Billing for complete groups as well as individual Anaesthetists throughout Australia. Current areas we service are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. We also provide Anaesthetic Billing Services to many other areas.

A proven comprehensive Anaesthetic Billing service that will kickstart your Anaesthetic private practice

We understand that your focus is on providing outstanding patient care in your Anaesthetic private practice. Ours is ensuring your outstanding care is backed up by the best cash flow possible. Introducing the only Anaesthetic billing service designed to fast track the cash flow for your business.

Created for and by Anaesthetists, we’re more than just an Anaesthetic billing service. We offer a complete package of services, from billing & collection to data & diary management. We go above and beyond what other Anaesthetic billing services may offer. Why? Quite simply we are your partner to ensure your Anaesthetic business does not only do well but excels.  

Choose a Leading Anaesthetic Billing Service

Choosing the right Anaesthetic Billing Service to handle all of your Anaesthesia coding (item numbers), anaesthetic billing, invoicing, receipting and cash flow management is vital. Our team of experts and state of the art billing software enables us to be an industry leader in the handling of Anaesthetic billing with incredible accuracy and ease.  We give our clients the reassurance that our professional team delivers the best possible Anaesthetic Billing Service. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with full transparency throughout the revenue cycle management, reporting and Anaesthetic billing process.

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