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Anaesthetic Billing Services offered

Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services is a dedicated Anaesthetic Billing Company providing an Anaesthetist private practice with advanced revenue collection throughout Australia. Our experience and dedication to Anaesthetic Billing make us an industry leader. With Specialist Anaesthetists incorporating part of the team, billing with us is simple and stress-free. 

As a professional Anaesthetic Billing Company, we can tailor our services to provide our clients with individualised and efficient business solutions that will increase revenue and improve cash flow. 

Informed Financial Consent

 Our professional staff will contact your patients on your behalf, prior to their upcoming surgery. The patient is provided with full disclosure of the cost of the procedure and an estimate of the gap payment required to pay after the procedure has been performed. The informed financial consent is a legal document that is obtained on all patients who have an out of pocket expense for their procedure.


Our Anaesthetic Billing Service offers the ability to obtain full payment of the cost of the Anaesthetic prior to the procedure if our customers require this service.   Once payment has been made our Anaesthetic Billing Service will notify the Anaesthetist prior to the surgery.


Using digital technology, an invoice for payment of Anaesthetic fees is generated and delivered within a day of the procedure being performed. This dramatically reduces delay in payment for the procedure and increases cash revenue for our clients.

Anaesthetic Billing Software

We utilise state of the art anaesthetic billing software that is cloud-based so that you are able to access your patient information at home or while on the go.  It includes an advanced digital diary of all patients that are booked for future surgery. This allows our clients to be fully informed of each and every patient's operation booked, health fund details and confirmation that informed financial consent has been obtained.  


We provide receipts for all patient payments to allow them to claim rebates from Medicare and their funds.

Debt Collection

Our Anaesthetic Billing Service prides itself on having approximately 99% of our invoices paid in full.  Our friendly staff assist customers in paying any outstanding invoices. A debt collection agency also assists to ensure payments are made.

We Can Set You Up Today With No Setup Cost To You

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What are the benefits of doing my own anaesthetic billing?

One of the many questions Anaesthetists will face will be to decide whether to outsource their Anaesthetic billing to an anaesthetic billing service or spend the time after work and do it themselves. What are the benefits of having a professional organisation such as Fast Tracking doing your billing on your behalf?

Lets first look at the scenario of you personally doing your anaesthetic billing yourself. In this particular scenario, you have two main options. The first option is on your days off or after work you can tackle your billing yourself. Alternatively, you could look at recruiting a receptionist to perform the anaesthetic billings on your behalf.

Completing your own Anaesthetic Billing Service

 At first, the idea of doing your own Anaesthetic Billing yourself may seem very compelling due to its cost-saving strategy, however, it does have its drawbacks. Performing your own anaesthetic billing will require considerable time to be set aside each week as well as an investment in the anaesthetic billing software and hardware. This time consumed in this area is time sacrificed in other areas of your life.

  After submitting the anaesthetic billing yourself, be prepared to dedicate time after working day to sort through sent invoices. Checking which invoices have been successful or rejected by health funds and Medicare can be time-consuming and require follow-up communication with the relevant parties. At first, this may be possible, but as your Anaesthetic private practice grows, the time required to process your anaesthetic billings will become greater. 

 The second option is the provision of a receptionist to perform the anaesthetic billing on your behalf. Having a receptionist provides more control on your own time and you will have more influence in providing the anaesthetic billing to your level of desire. Although having your own personal receptionist will certainly save you time,  it can be a more costly exercise than having a professional anaesthetic billing company like 'Fast Tracking' perform your billings due to all the hidden costs of having your own receptionist. 

 The first consideration when hiring your own receptionist is that anaesthetic billing is a very specialised field and it is unlikely that a receptionist will have a background in Anaesthetic billing coding. Training your staff up may take some time, and that is provided you have the resources and time to train your own staff member. 

Other hidden costs that must be factored in are rental costs for receptionist office, superannuation, long service leave and sick leave. These are multiple factors many people do not consider when comparing outsourcing their Anaesthetic Billings to an in-house receptionist.

Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Service incorporates a Professional team

Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services has a wide variety of staff that supports yourself and your patients. It includes Specialist Anaesthetists, nurses and reception staff that join together to offer you the best possible service. Contact us today to find out how we can help you

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