The Sydney Anaesthetic Billing Service creating free time for Anaesthetists

Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services leads the way to provide the ultimate Anaesthetic Billing package 

  Wanting to spend more time at Bondi Beach or just take a lazy Sunday drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Outsourcing your Anaesthetic Billing is a smart way to free up some quality time to achieve this.

No setup fees, contracts or monthly fees

 Some Anaesthetic Billing Services charge a setup fee, lock you in for a set period of time or charge you a monthly fee. Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services does not to do any of these. Our Anaesthetic Billing service provides such great customer service that we don't need to lock you into any contract- we are confident you will want to stay!

Cloud based Software utilised with high level Encryption 

   We utilise the most up to date software to ensure your billing revenue cycle is the most efficient possible. With access to a real-time banking report, it is simply a few clicks of the mouse to determine which health funds and patients have made payment. In addition given it is cloud based, there is no need for any software downloads/updates- all is done behind the scenes.

  All data that is entered is stored using Microsoft SQL Server (the worlds leading database system) and hosted in a secure Australian facility featuring biometric security, high availability, extensive backups and high level data encryption.


Pricing of Anaesthetic Billing

For just a fee of 4.75%,  you will get not only get a premium Anaesthetic Billing Service, but also:

  • Cloud- Based Anaesthetic Billing Software provision - i
  • Unlimited access to  Private Consultant Anaesthetists regarding Anaesthetic Billing coding enquiries.
  • Full network provision provided between Anaesthetic Billing and Surgical rooms, health funds and medicare.
  • Informed Financial Consent sent and collected from patients .
  • Prepayments  from patients collected if required prior to surgery
  • Invoicing of Anaesthetic Fees with patients having the ability to pay via cheque, BPAY, credit card.
  • Cloud-based software use of Digital Diary populated for Anaesthetists of all future procedures
  • Receipting of Patient Invoices
  • Electronic invoicing (Eclipse) to Health funds/ Medicare
  • All funds go directly into Anaesthetists bank account.
  • Debt Collection Service
  • Full Banking Report at end of Month
  • Full Payment Report at end of Month
  • Business Activity Statement reports provided each quarter for Tax purposes

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