Who is Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services? 


The Begining

Dr Brad Hindson (Specialist Anaesthetist, FANZCA) formed Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services shortly after he entered Anaesthetic Private Practice. He was seeking a solution to his own problem- finding a service that not only provides Anaesthetic billing but was to go that extra mile and become the hub of his Anaesthetic Private Practice.

He desired a professional service that would be the main contact point for Surgical rooms to contact him regarding patient information as well as other Health Care Workers and hospitals. This information would then be collated by the Management team and could be accessed via cloud-based software. 

We have helped many Anaesthetists with their billing and information collection, and always find it rewarding knowing how much time we have saved them with our efficient service. 

Although we have developed a great process to ensure an impressive service- nothing compares to my secret weapon - the most amazing staff in the world!  

Dr Brad Hindson MBBS (Hons) FANZCA

We Are More Than Just Billing...

 I know firsthand how busy your life can be working in the operating theatre and managing the business side of your practice after hours.  It can really eat into your quality time when you have to chase up patient accounts and resubmit health fund payments.  I know you would rather spend time with the family or get out to your favourite course to play 9 holes.

 The aim of our team is to work with you so that you have all the information you require to perform your work without having to go home and get bogged down in paperwork. So to us, this means more than just Anaesthetic billing. It is also ensuring your Surgical lists are confirmed with the surgeon's rooms, passing on critical patient health information to you and populating a cloud-based diary so you can keep track of your daily commitments.

 It is, for this reason, we don't see ourselves as a service or solution business, but rather a business partner- ensuring your Anaesthetic practice is a success.

Our Account Managers, Crystal and Patsy, are committed experts in medical billing and Practice Management. Their passion for detail and hard work reflects the winning team atmosphere at Fast Tracking. Crystal and Patsy pride themselves on over 99% of their billing submissions being successful the first time.

We help you increase revenue by managing your billing, collections and management processes with precision and excellence. The success of your practice is our business.

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