Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate workshop

Date: June 1st 2019, 08:30am

Venue: St John of God, Bendigo 3550

This ANZCA endorsed Anaesthetic Emergency Responses Workshop -CICO- will provide anaesthetists with a thorough review of the practical management of can't intubate can't oxygenate intra-operative emergency. The workshop aims to provide participants with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, technical skills and team-work. 

This refresher course is suited to Consultant Anaesthetists, GP Anaesthetists, Anaesthetic Registrars, Anaesthetic nurses and Anaesthetic Technicians.

Certificates of completion will be awarded to all successful participants and this may be used to obtain CPD Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate emergency scenario from ANZCA.

CICO workshop topics covered

Human factors in Airways Management

  • Develop an understanding of what human factors are and their potential impact on  performance during airway management 
  • Participants will consider strategies to address human factors related impairment of  performance and understand the role of the Vortex Approach in facilitating these.

Implementing the Vortex

Participants will have the opportunity to implement the Vortex action plan

CICO rescue workshop

Participants will be able to practice the techniques for CICO Rescue, both cannula or scalpel techniques.

Utilising the Vortex approach to airways management

While technical competence and adequate planning are crucial to effective airway management, it is well recognised that even well prepared airway clinicians can sometimes fail to perform basic interventions under stress. 

Pre-Reading prior to Workshop

Pre-Reading 2 - Best Effort at Lifelines

(Vortex airway approach)

Pre- Reading 3 - The Green room

(Vortex airway approach)

Presented and organised by

Dr Brad Hindson

Dr Diwakara Madina

Mr Mal Balnaves

Miss Tami Tuohey

Acknowledgements to 

Dr Nicholas Chrimes MBBS(Hons) FANZCA Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr Peter Fritz MBBS FACEM Emergency Physician and Retrieval specialist

Creator and author of Vortex material

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