The secret of success  for Anaesthetic Billing  in Melbourne

Why Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services is leading the way in Anaesthetic Billing

  With life getting busier than ever trying to get that work-life balance can be a real headache. This is especially true for Anaesthetists who embark on Anaesthetic private practice. With the challenge of being in the Melbourne traffic in the morning and long hours in the operating theatre, the last thing on an Anaesthetists mind is hitting the office and catching up with the paperwork. Surely there must be an easier way to get the job done?

The Secret to more time for Anaesthetists in Private Practice

 That is exactly what inspired Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services. We are in the business of freeing up more time for Anaesthetists. Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services was designed by Anaesthetists to provide a professional service with outstanding customer service. Behind the scenes of your Anaesthetic Private practice we are working with your patients, surgical rooms, health funds and medicare to create a network that provides a service second to none. With our service, you can enjoy your evenings while your Anaesthetic Billing is being processed.

 By liaising with all aspects of your extended team (surgeons rooms, health funds, patients, medicare), processing the information, and creating a digital platform for the information, everything is available to you wherever you have internet access. Be it at home in Melbourne or the operating theatre, you will always have access to critical patient information. This is what defines us above just Anaesthetic Billing- we provide a premium service.


No Setup Fees

For just a fee of 4.75%,  you will get not only get a premium Anaesthetic Billing Service, but also:

  • Cloud- Based Anaesthetic Billing Software provision - including unlimited access to all cases performed and all future cases including informed financial consents. All patient information is encrypted and ready to access anywhere.
  • Unlimited access to  Private Consultant Anaesthetists regarding Anaesthetic Billing coding enquiries.
  • Full network provision provided between Anaesthetic Billing and Surgical rooms, health funds and medicare.
  • Informed Financial Consent sent and collected from patients .
  • Prepayments  from patients collected if required prior to surgery
  • Invoicing of Anaesthetic Fees with patients having the ability to pay via cheque, BPAY, credit card.
  • Cloud-based software use of Digital Diary populated for Anaesthetists of all future procedures
  • Receipting of Patient Invoices
  • Electronic invoicing (Eclipse) to Health funds/ Medicare
  • All funds go directly into Anaesthetists bank account.
  • Debt Collection Service
  • Full Banking Report at end of Month
  • Full Payment Report at end of Month
  • Business Activity Statement reports provided each quarter for Tax purposes

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